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Baby Groot hug baby Yoda Star Wars Shirt

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He thinks Canada has no need to be a sovereign state. So long as the next four years are no worse than the last four years Canada would be ok. Its pretty simple to run an extraction economy, after all. e might win again but only because our system is so very flawed, as only two provinces can control the federal government of the Baby Groot hug baby Yoda Star Wars Shirt country, and he has been buying votes in those two provinces for the last month in the lead up to the election by promising over $15 billion worth of taxpayer money in those areas. Meanwhile, he has run $20-$30 billion deficit‘s for four years straight and doesn’t have a plan to balance the budget until almost 2050.

Only Trumps and johnsons are left if they like them. Justin Trudeau is the most favorite prime minister at present who has no parallel. Please vote for Justin Trudeau. He is an absolute catastrophe. From bungling international trade to massive domestic deficits to embarrassing dancing and scandals and of course multiple ethics violations.

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