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Official Cocaine Yoda Santa Let It Snow Sweater

ANNOUNCE!!! Official Cocaine Yoda Santa Let It Snow Sweater is now available at Kingteeshirt.


Prison time should act as a real deterrent for others. Talent not wealth should be the winner. No sympathy from me, I’m just sorry it was only 14 days, but there again, that’s probably the end of her acting career. But Pharmaceutical companies who are responsible for over 1000 deaths through the Opioid epidemic have to pay a fine and act as nothing happened. America justice is like what is happening in Africa, the Official Cocaine Yoda Santa Let It Snow Sweater is like a spider web, it catches the small insects but the buffalo and sheep got to pass through. So she spends 6 weeks in prison and the Stanford sailing coach who accepted substantial bribes spent 1 day in prison. He did not directly profit but fed the money to the sailing program which he directed. Somehow this seems wrong.

Especially if you consider all the legal charitable donations that tip the admission committee to accept the children of said donations. It is also true that our criminal justice system doles out punishment and fines to the poorest among us and further penalizes them when they can’t pay.

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