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Im Not Santa I’m Just Fat Christmas Sweater 

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Shame the Democrats cannot find a valid candidate, just a bunch of professional politicians who will say anything to anybody to get their vote. I don’t see sparing, I see a group of leaders discussing views that will benefit the Im Not Santa I’m Just Fat Christmas Sweater of this country. Yeah, not all plans are perfect but it’s a step in the right direction. Anything is better than what we have now. Dems and Reps are like two sides of the same coin hello. But whether we like it or not, he outdid Hillary in Charisma and overall leadership stature. I remember him standing over Hillary during the debate and all I could see was every other president in the world doing the same. Other countries have had rounded woman leaders. We have yet to produce such a candidate.

It would mean lowered cost of drugs and a badly needed return to non-profit oriented medicine. And the liberals will try to out-left each other to get the nomination, once the nomination is gained they will attempt to present themselves as centrists to get votes.

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