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Meowtallica and Kittens For All Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Meowtallica and Kittens For All Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


A government that kidnaps children from asylum seekers, has no idea how to return those children to their parents and doesn't think it is worth the time or money to reunite them, does not deserve to survive. It is our moral obligation to rid our government of individuals who think that this is acceptable, including everyone in Congress that did not lift a finger to investigate, and then try to stop, this abuse of power. We need to look ourselves in the Meowtallica and Kittens For All Shirt and ask ourselves if this is what we have become as a country, the former leader of the free world, where kidnapping children - and misplacing them - is an acceptable policy.

Well, we elected one POTUS and several more women are elected each year to Congress. We just need to abolish the electoral college and give it another go, and we may finally get that woman in the Oval a strong, equal Senate.

You can see the official design here: Meowtallica and Kittens For All Shirt

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