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 I Love Hot Moms Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! I Love Hot Moms Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


Jeremy Grove DUI is a criminal offense. Seeking Asylum is legal, or was legal until the POS in the WH changed the I Love Hot Moms Shirt. Imagine if you jaywalked would you expect to be separated from your children and put in a cage. I think not. You are comparing apples and oranges and there is no way to support or defend what he has done. These policies are oassholes policies. TRUMP is enforcing the laws. Masshole actually deported over 1 MILLION illegals. They are not cages. They are areas divided to protect people from people. Have you ever left this country?

We have a dementia patient flailing around in the White House. Amy M. Baker warren tries to use lab-tested genetics to grab votes. Biden and his family are in bed with china mostly his son. Buttigieg is a wimp who couldn't even stand up to some loudmouth BLM protestors.

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