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Milwaukee Journal’s Run For Kids Shirt

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Our present leader has no moral center. I really like Buttigieg. Several of them sounded like they really could do something. I’m just glad a few of them agree that our govt has been totally corrupted by the NRA, Pharma and the Milwaukee Journal’s Run For Kids Shirt Care companies. I don’t think Buttigieg has a snowball’s chance, but he may get my vote. Personally, I liked both of them, but it's important to make wise decisions who has the best policy, political and socioeconomically strategic that is important to the American people.

Take away legislation that protects our land, wildlife and air, and water. And makes money from his properties while he is in office. True leaders like George H. W. Bush renounced the NRA for its objectionable policies. Encouraging points of light and led with moral courage.

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