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Life is better with dogs and horse shirt 

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Andi, you think Labour will struggle in Leave constituencies and I somewhat agree with you. Although it will be interesting to see what happens in the likes of Bolsover, for example. It would also help if people in said constituencies read the Life is better with dogs and horse shirt and observed Labour's Brexit stance. Brexiteers will still be listened to in another referendum. I've merely highlighted your false initial claim and explained that a party shapes it's policy by listening to its members. The issue of whether it's a sensible strategy is up for debate but I admire a party listening to its members, whilst also facilitating a voice for those who hold a different stance on the key issue of Brexit.

It literally benefits the rich more than the poor. Gary Moore, please research why the cuts and austerity happened, Labour overspends every time they are in power, they have also admitted themselves that they too had austerity plans far outweighing the Tories if they had won the 2010 election, the country was broke.

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