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Proudest Aunt On This Earth Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Proudest Aunt On This Earth Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


An absolute disgrace. A Stalinist, antisemite, who has blocked at every opportunity an extremely hard-won deal secured by Boris Johnson, at significant cost to normal people and businesses. Despite many leading organizations calling it a good deal for the Proudest Aunt On This Earth Shirt. Very sad indeed that people have no belief in the UK anymore - or desire to have power close the people rather than with European pen pushers. Green energy makes your power bill cost three times what energy costs elsewhere. Combine that with your crippling tax rates and the average man can never get ahead. Cut yourselves loose from the drowning EU and rise or fall on your own two feet.

Cut your spending, lower everyone’s taxes and let your people breathe free. I live in Los Angeles and in the late summer, many property owners bring goats in to eat the brush near where I live. They’ve been doing it for years in NoCal. They eat pretty fast and can clear a few acres in a couple of days.

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