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Rockin’ the Bartender life shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Rockin’ the Bartender life shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


His costume was to darken his skin, wear an Afro wig and a generic African outfit. Many people who didn't know him well were commenting on how well he looked like an African not realizing his father was from there. Now how is that judged, just curious. Should one bring a A DNA test to a party. Really interested to know. My grandkids are one-quarter Japanese. I think the costume is like a mask, it says a lot about the Rockin’ the Bartender life shirt. So, perhaps a man dressing up as a woman speaks to the man’s admiration of the woman in the sense that he is drawn to her.

It’s always fun to see them grazing & I pet them when I get the chance. What about imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I would like to give an example of a costume my friend wore years ago. His mother was Japanese and his father was from Ghana. Although he was very tall he basically looked Japanese.

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