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Merry Christmas you get me Sweater

ANNOUNCE!!! Merry Christmas you get me Sweater is now available at Kingteeshirt.


If people want to wear a kilt - our traditional dress- any day, not just Halloween, then I've no problem with it as a Scottish person. They have a week in New York every year where they wear kilts, eat haggis, play the Merry Christmas you get me Sweater and celebrate all things Scottish and far from feeling offended, I think it's great to see people enjoying our culture and traditions. Where I live you can dress as you as people will always see the funny side as we have a sense of humor here and don't throw tantrums when someone is clearly having fun and not meaning any harm.

I have been reading Stekel’s Sexual Aberrations and am finding things like old aprons as symbolic of the mother and her lack of love as fetishized. I believe we need to go deeper than mere criticism and find out why someone would wear blackface, for example, or be a pirate. There's no line. Dress however you want.

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