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Baby Yoda hug Fire Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Baby Yoda hug Fire Shirt is now available at Kingteeshop.


I really mean that. But here's the problem: humankind has been messing with the earth's resources so long that even positive actions are not just that. One of the resources that are becoming scarce is, believe it or not, sand. This mainly because the Baby Yoda hug Fire Shirt population needs more concrete and cement. And you can't use all sand: it has to have a specific coarseness. So what is happening now is that there suddenly is a black market for sand and suddenly beaches in exotic places are disappearing. One of the ingredients of glass is sand: what do you think will happen if we suddenly need more glass.

Still, a safe country than America very far distances. I've been to Saudi Arabia and it's not anything like what the media makes it out to be. I only went to Makkah and Madina so can't say about the rest of the country. My experience was brilliant. The police, the people, everyone was friendly and welcoming.

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