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Corey Kluber Texas Kluber Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Corey Kluber Texas Kluber Shirt is now available at Kingteeshop.


I did not realize how corrupt the democrat party was until 2016. Democrat elected officials continually make the, no one is above the law states and then continue to try to create a crime to charge our President with. In the meantime, they refuse to prosecute Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and any number of deep state operatives from the Corey Kluber Texas Kluber Shirt administration. Treason and coup attempts are serious crimes against America but the democrats are the actors in those crimes so they apparently ARE above the law. I wish someone could explain why if you have a valid passport, that isn't enough to get the Real ID. To have the passport, you've been checked out by the government and issued that document.

My passport allows me to travel all over the world and go into government buildings but it's still not good enough to get the Real ID. It doesn't make sense to me. In some states, women must document every name change. It is very difficult for some to do. The easiest way, but more costly, is to get a passport first.

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