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Baseball Has Been Very Very Good To Me Shirt

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They have an actual recording of Biden bragging about forcing the prosecutor out, they have a statement made under oath by the prosecutor who states he was fired because of Biden. The people who wanted the prosecutor fired worked with Hunter. They have a letter written by DNC lawmakers threatening Ukraine if they did not cooperate with Mueller.  Oh my goodness. Do you mean to tell me that the Republicans are starting to take notes off of the Baseball Has Been Very Very Good To Me Shirt these days. Just keep in mind folks we're still investigating Fast and Furious. Remember President Obama came out and said he would leave no stone unturned and would get down to the bottom of Fast and Furious.

Treason and coup attempts are serious crimes against America but the democrats are the actors in those crimes so they apparently ARE above the law. Maybe he did not speak up because nothing inappropriate happened in the call. A 20-minute conversation where Biden was mentioned for 30 seconds

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