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Pitbull wearing Dinosaur Bulbasaurus Rex shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Pitbull wearing Dinosaur Bulbasaurus Rex shirt is now available at Kingteeshop.


I don't hold my student's babies while teaching but I do allow them to bring them into the classroom usually in a stroller. They usually behave very well. What matters is giving the students a fighting chance to get ahead in life. Wanting to learn should always be praised and allowed no matter the Pitbull wearing Dinosaur Bulbasaurus Rex shirt. I had my first child a week before my summer class started following my sophomore year in college. I had my second a month after finishing my BA and my third the month I finished my MPA.

I tried to hide all of my pregnancies with large sweaters and coats because I heard a professor my sophomore year imply that mothers were not real students and I wanted to be taken seriously. This was 2002-2007. This professor invested in a woman who will never forget her generosity and support.

You can see the official design here: Pitbull wearing Dinosaur Bulbasaurus Rex shirt

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