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My Little Possum! Friendship is Garbage Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! My Little Possum! Friendship is Garbage Shirt is now available at Kingteeshop.


I’m also lucky I work for a good school district and bus company. That type of behavior is dealt with immediately. Sending big hugs and prayers to the My Little Possum! Friendship is Garbage Shirt lady. These parents of these kids need to realize that they’re putting their kid's lives at risk by teaching them to be racist. God forbid, this happens to any one of my kids. I’ll be the one going to prison. I teach my kids to be kind and respect every single person equally. I went to school there, pretty isolated, but I never saw any of this until recently. Saw confederate flags several times this summer.

It's the lack of content and context from the ones that matter. Too many avoid the sex talk with children and expect the schools to fill in the blanks for them. I’m a school bus driver, and that word is not allowed on my bus or any bad language. I don’t have a monitor, but still, keep control of my bus.

You can see the official design here: My Little Possum! Friendship is Garbage Shirt

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