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Kaonashi Eat All You Can Buffet Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Kaonashi Eat All You Can Buffet Shirt is now available at Kingteeshop.


If I paid $300 for a seat on the plane ride that's more than 2 hours then I don't want to sit next to a baby either. However, if I had to I definitely have the Kaonashi Eat All You Can Buffet Shirt to have compassion for a person who is doing the job that I would never ever want to have to do every single day. We really need to get to a point where we can respect one another. It is possible to see different points of views if you open your eyes and your mind and your heart. Some of us have neurological conditions that make it very difficult to endure certain noises, including the crying baby.

Others simply find it difficult to hear because they don't like it. There's nothing wrong with that. Parents of small children need to be understanding that not everyone is comfortable with the noises small children make, for both medical and personal reasons. I love to hold babies, talk to them and their parents, love other kiddos too.

You can see the official design here: Kaonashi Eat All You Can Buffet Shirt

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