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Billiards Player Retro Vintage Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Billiards Player Retro Vintage Shirt is now available at Kingteeshop.


I will love to watch you guys in Saudi Arabia put all those millions of dollars in war toys and all our training you paid our military to work. Be certain to wear lots of cameras and have them uploading to the net. We will enjoy looking forward to whatever you will do. Don't call us again until you're done. As we don't want to suffer any collateral damage. Good luck out there. It will make for some interesting television watching some other folks kill each other rather than the Billiards Player Retro Vintage Shirt always doing the honors of having our children come home for burial. When you need more war toys, you know who makes the very best.

Certainly, after it's annihilation, there is expected improvement in human rights conditions in Saudi Arabia, no more beheading teenagers and young girls. I say bring it on. And oh yes, the catastrophic Yemeni humanitarian crisis will end with the total annihilation of Saudi Arabia.

You can see the official design here: Billiards Player Retro Vintage Shirt

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