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Baby Yoda Yodazilla Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Baby Yoda Yodazilla Shirt is now available at Kingteeshop.


It brought nothing but pain to the Middle East. The U.S must understand that this regime change policy can hamper other South American countries. Diplomacy and dialogue is the only way forward. This is probably because people just don't click 'like' etc anywhere near as much now. They read and move on, or just ignore. People I think are getting fed up with the Baby Yoda Yodazilla Shirt and the algorithms. I know most of my circle is going off FB. Whatsapp groups, no adverts, targeted and only who you want to read the stuff is what everyone's using.

If the US is involved, the Iranians will likely target Trump properties for the same reason and hoped-for result. It is quite sad to see that the United States still pursues the policy of regime change. This policy will do nothing but add misery to the country. In fact, the regime change policy vis a vis the Arab Spring led to its catastrophic end.

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