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 Baby Yoda Hug Shih Tzu Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Baby Yoda Hug Shih Tzu Shirt is now available at Kingteeshop.


The President of the US said out of his own mouth that he withheld aid and requested a foreign power to investigate his rival. As an independent voter, I was against impeachment until I heard the words out of his own mouth. The house would be negligent in its duties as required by the Constitution if they did not open an impeachment inquiry. If the Baby Yoda Hug Shih Tzu Shirt finds he's violated the laws of the Constitution and the Senate refuses to impeach, we'll vote the Senate out just like we did the House. No one is above the law and it includes the President.

I love the way she speaks, a strong Congresswoman with resilience and vision and very charismatic attitudes towards an acknowledgement of a holistic approach to a sensitive issue without inclusions of political bias just pure facts. We should withhold aid from everyone regardless of who the president is. Stop giving our money away.

You can see the official design here: Baby Yoda Hug Shih Tzu Shirt

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