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Feels Great Baby Jimmy Garoppolo Signature Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Feels Great Baby Jimmy Garoppolo Signature Shirt is now available at Kingteeshop.


The DNC used Ukraine's government to get oppo research on Trump in 2016. Hypocritical cunts. It's time for the Republicans to put the people of this country, the security of this country and the constitution of this country before politics. Stop making excuses for this traitor who wants to be a dictator and who knows nothing of how the Feels Great Baby Jimmy Garoppolo Signature Shirt works. Stop defending a man who does nothing but lies and break the laws of this country, who puts us all at risk, and who sleeps with the enemies of this country. How low and how far does he have to go before you say enough.

A total coup in the making. Joe Biden's son gets paid 50k a month as an energy expert when he's never worked in the field. He got paid off his fathers political status. Then Joe Biden ON TAPE brags about getting the Ukraine prosecutor fired, that guy was looking into Hunter Biden.

You can see the official design here: Feels Great Baby Jimmy Garoppolo Signature Shirt

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