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Taibbi on the Madness of Donald Trump Shirt 

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I'm pretty sure she didn't do it unilaterally. I'm pretty sure most of the Democratic reps already supported impeachment, and I'm also reasonably sure that Pelosi and Democratic leadership wouldn't have stepped forward it the rest of the Taibbi on the Madness of Donald Trump Shirt wasn't prepared to back it. As a matter of fact, under a representative Democracy, Pelosi is one of those elected to speak for America, as is McCarthy. The difference is that Pelosi and the Democrats didn't abdicate their responsibilities toward the republic.

What a joke the party has become now. I will be changing by voter registration tomorrow to independent. The Democrats have moved to socialism, anti-American,pro-illegal, anti 2nd the amendment,pro-free everything, triple taxes for everyone,anti-white, anti-religion,anti-free speech and this isn't the party I once loved.

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