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Friends I’LL Be There For You Signatures Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Friends I’LL Be There For You Signatures Shirt is now available at Goldenteesshirt.


It is disappointing that people who care about the there country will name call and degrade anyone who disagrees with the Toddler in Chief. Especially those who are actually making an attempt to fix the country. These are the Friends I’LL Be There For You Signatures Shirt law-abiding citizens who would start a civil war because they made fun of my Orange Diety. And all this because they make claims that they can not source or source from some BS Republican website. This will only hurt the Democrats and ensure President Trump's second term. Any attempt at impeachment will fail.

It will anger conservatives and make us more likely to get out and vote while showing their democrat following that they are inept, useless, and unable to accomplish anything. Bring on the impeachment inquiry. It will only hurt the Democrats. There's nothing wrong in asking Zelensky about the corrupt and immoral dealings of Biden's son in Ukraine.

You can see the official design here: Friends I’LL Be There For You Signatures Shirt

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