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Love Never Dies Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Love Never Dies Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


Muhammad Jawad Khan, It's true, it’s still very difficult for us to accept the changes when the changes should have happened a long time ago. Better later than never I guess and it’s a step in the right direction but frankly, I wouldn't take the Love Never Dies Shirt to go to a hotel if I'm not married, especially in a Muslim country where extramarital sex is prohibited. I would just follow the rules. Better safe than sorry. I hope the change keeps coming. America and KSA if you compare which of them are safe countries. Ksa is a safe country than in America.

If there's s a crime here not reach 0.01percent and most crime committed by overseas employees who work here. in America, I think 300,000 plus people every year kill by gun most of them black because American is a racist country. And a hundred thousand rape cases. Still, a safe country than America very far distances.

You can see the official design here: Love Never Dies Shirt

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