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God Slee Vockytop Soo Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! God Slee Vockytop Soo Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


And the lady who said people can access her medical info, if she was incapacitated, how would someone even know she has the implant, or be able to scan it. You can easily have emergency info typed up on your phone and accessible without a password. They're going about it wrong. Tech implants break and even when they don't they're a security liability. They should be focusing their efforts on reducing the God Slee Vockytop Soo Shirt and improving the reliability of genetic modification - as impressive and inexpensive as CRISPR is, it's nowhere near sufficient for use with multicellular organisms.

Don't litter. Quit smoking, if not cold turkey than switch to gum or patches. Use bamboo toothbrushes and buy toothpaste tubes without the cardboard box. All of these are very easy changes. Doesn't matter if they are using sterile equipment, I would be surprised if the implants they are putting in are sterile.

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