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Brooklyn New York City BKLYN 718 Shirt 

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This just breaks my heart. These kids should have been calling the police at the very least when they saw a knife. They could have yelled stop. The Brooklyn New York City BKLYN 718 Shirt kids that participated in jumping one kid should have stopped the one with the knife. My condolences to that mom. All bc some girl wanted to make another boy jealous. Children are so quick to record and yell Worldstar so they can be the ones to upload instead of help. We are doomed if this is the generation to look after us when we are older. Grieving for the mother. How sick and very sad that our youth are this way.

Maybe if this becomes prevalent, parents might try to control their children if they know they could be charged too. Something has to be done and soon. Such a senseless death. Sad for his family. How do you undo the sorrow involved here. Start making parents accountable too.

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