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Trump 2024 – Keep America Great! – 2020 Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Trump 2024 – Keep America Great! – 2020 Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


The family kept shouting at each other. The faces of all passengers around were sheer frustration. Yes, kids are unpredictable but adult parents can be a lot worst. No concern for anyone else in the plane. While I agree with the Trump 2024 – Keep America Great! – 2020 Shirt baby map thing is a reach way out in the left-field, I cannot deny that if such a thing were provided to me I would use it. Your children are not and will not ever be my responsibility. If I want to avoid a restless infant or toddler on a long flight to wherever, and if there is the technology that ALLOWS me to do so, then yeah, I’m avoiding your cranky crotch goblin at every opportunity.

I was on a 14hr. flight with 2 babies crying almost every hour as I was trying to sleep. I got a very bad headache during the whole flight as I couldn’t even sleep for a straight hour. I understand and feel bad for their parents cause I know they want to rest and probably embarrassed but I need my sleep too.

You can see the official design here: Trump 2024 – Keep America Great! – 2020 Shirt

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