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Dad Rolly Driver Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Dad Rolly Driver Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


I actually see no harm with this. If a surrogate mother carried the child he would be listed as the father. If he carries the child then refuses to be recognized as the parent, anyone can have the title of mother or father. It would have been crazy if he wanted to be recognized as the Dad Rolly Driver Shirt and father. Either way, the child will still say My father gave birth to me, so the birth certificate saying a mother will have very little effect on their day to day lives. Just let him change it and let people be. Just because you wouldn't do it, does not mean he should not. If his decision will harm the child or other people then I am against it, if not.

Let people breathe. Whether you are a Male or female trans. Your natural bone structure dictates who you are. If you were born male or female and your body was found decomposed years later you would be identified by your bone structure not what you had transition too.

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