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Live, Laugh, Love Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Live, Laugh, Love Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


Plastic is a problem: sure. But not mainly because it's there, but how we dispose of it. That's where change will have to be made. How old are the people behind this scheme, 12. Like a lot of the youth, trying to conjure innovative ideas to try and help the Live, Laugh, Love Shirt when actually go back about 30 or so years and more and they will see this was a thing, you know glass bottles, milk deliveries, empty bottle collection, reuse, on an electric milk float, but I guess the youth of today were not around so they don't believe it was true. Have reusable bottles instead of buying plastic water bottles. Decline straws at restaurants, you can get reusable straws made of metal or rubber.

Make food to take to work in Tupperware instead of buying food every day. Switch off appliances when not in use. Insulate your homes and pipes. Buy reusable bags to take to the store instead of putting your groceries in plastic or paper bags. Recycle all paper, plastic, and aluminum.$Aa_0,$Ah_285,$Aw_214,$Ax_106.59,$Ay_149.13/t_1d47e35b/dpr_auto,f_auto,q_auto:sensitive/v1/artwork/image/b5memmzug89v0vs9t0vo.png

You can see the official design here: Live, Laugh, Love Shirt

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