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Star Wars Baby Yoda hug Starbucks Sweater

ANNOUNCE!!! Star Wars Baby Yoda hug Starbucks Sweater is now available at Kingteeshirt.


I bet not. I have. Biggest problem that I see is people not taking enough hours every day to get news from many sources and from original sources, Fact is, Biden did break laws in both Ukraine and in China, I am much more concerned about what he did with the Star Wars Baby Yoda hug Starbucks Sweater government then what he did in Ukraine, I find it amazing how so many of you either have no clue about that or have no clue what a massive mess he put us into by doing that, Talk about election fraud. In the hearing with Peter S, it was proven that China was doing the hacking.

Peter J. DeMartin when will you libs get it into your weak minds that in order to impeach a president he must be guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. You’ve got nothing here. Most of you idiots think all you need to do is dislike him to justify impeachment. You’re the ones throwing tantrums and acting like petulant children.

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