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Waste no more time on these SAD people. This conversation isn't really about hearsay. The whistleblower did the job of shedding light on the issue and now the intelligence community is going to investigate. That's what exactly was supposed to happen. Now the flood gates are open and everything will present itself to further the Unicorn Mig for shots mig efter shots shirt of impeachment. I agree with you 100%. Some positive news today: there are reports that diplomats within the state department are going to defy Pompeo and appear before the House for testimony. In addition, the IG has requested an urgent meeting with the House tomorrow.

We can only hope they will shed more light on this corruption. Mike Aucoin, They changed the form to make it clearer that first-hand knowledge is not required. Second-hand knowledge has always been allowed. This whistle-blower has both first-hand and second-hand knowledge. Get your facts straight.

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