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Vintage Teacher Noun Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Vintage Teacher Noun Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


I truly feel he didn’t think he was going to win. He was setting up a following for his new cable network. Plus, plus he was talking too much how the Vintage Teacher Noun Shirt was rigged, so if he lost he could blame it on a rigged election. Funny it might have been rigged for him to win. Now Obama and his administration were eyeballs deep in collusion and I can prove that. Go back to the safe room color a little bit. But don't stay too long Michael. It's not supposed to be a sleepover place. You need to come out and start finding out what is going on in this country. You need to start touching upon reality.

Get out of your mother's basement come on out and start figuring out what is really going on in the news today. Can't hide forever. Don't overuse the safe rooms whether it is at your mama's house or a safe place that the taxpayers have provided you. Never vote Democrat again, this is the biggest bunch of crap anyone could even imagine.

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