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Fear The Scowl Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Fear The Scowl Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


I was super pregnant with my youngest and had to give a final presentation for my Masters. One of the Fear The Scowl Shirt we weren’t allowed to do was sit while presenting but my professor said, I think we can all agree Jaz gets an exception on this one lol. I made it through and had her 4 days later. I’ve had to bring my daughters once, bc it was a one-off Saturday session when our professor couldn’t make our regularly scheduled class. I had to bring my girls & luckily the entire class was supportive. She even had them introduce themselves. Well, my older daughter.

A classmate of mine came in for our final exam the day after she was released from giving birth. My professor literally begged her to go home & rest & she wouldn’t fail & could make arrangements to take it later but she insisted she was ok.

You can see the official design here: Fear The Scowl Shirt

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