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Impeach This Pro Donald Trump 2020 Shirt 

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This is what I don’t get. I have entered the wrong places in the past. And my first instinct was a state of confusion and I move back quickly and check where I am. I don’t understand how she quickly shot someone. And if she came to her apt and the Impeach This Pro Donald Trump 2020 Shirt is open, she won’t wonder first why it is open? Or she usually leaves the door open. This is one very confusing thing. I wonder if there is more to her shooting this guy than simply an accident. But they say not knowing is never an excuse. When I saw her crying I didn’t even want to listen to what she was saying.

Someone is dead already and that man will never come back to life. His parents are tormented for good. My point to my comment is that she is the only one there to testify what she allegedly did. We will never know if that is true or not as the victim was killed. She needs to go to jail.

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