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I Worked For Everything I Got Shirt

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His home was invaded by this woman forget the I Worked For Everything I Got Shirt she's a cop or even white and should be treated as a common criminal. Also, her attitude shows no remorse & her statement looks well rehearse. Not a bad performance. I just feel like she immediately saw what she thought was her door ajar and wanted to be a hero. She would’ve gotten so much praise to take out an intruder. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re trying to multitask and be on the local news for saving yourself from what she thought was an intruder.

As an officer, she has a lot more culpability and responsibility for her actions. Instead of rendering aid, she made phone calls and texted her boyfriend. The whole thing stinks. Ok so I'm not from America or an American I'm following this story on social media & in my opinion it was a home invasion on the victim part.

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