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Baby Yoda Hug Chick Fil A Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Baby Yoda Hug Chick Fil A Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


Parents need to have talked about racism and that it won't be tolerated but the bus monitor is supposed to step in. The first thing the Baby Yoda Hug Chick Fil A Shirt should have been stopped and the school called and all involved should be in front of a serious investigation. Kids learn from adults and who they surround themselves with. I hope something is done to keep this from happening again. The monitor should be fired if they can't do a better job at cleaning up a group of youngsters. I personally know some areas and schools have issues with fixing bullying and racism from bad parenting to just downright mean kids.

I’m a deaf mother and he knows sign language plus he is hearing. I’m glad that cps and polices took him away from their parents and unfit to do with kids. This is really sad upsets me so much why do these children feel like they have to beat somebody up sometimes I think it's taught in the home.

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