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Fathor Avengers Noun Vintage Shirt

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Those of us who do our own research and refuse to watch MSM have been aware of that fact for several months now. Please please please take all of this before the Senate and let the indictments start rolling. Tom Steyer is a bit naive when he says Trump will lose the trial in the Senate. He says that Trump will be tried in the Fathor Avengers Noun Vintage Shirt of public opinion. It's still going to be voted on by senators and the Republicans don't give an sh*t about what the American people want nor what is said in the Constitution. If the vote fell upon the lines of the popular vote, 37 - 39% will vote for Trump even if he was caught red-handed raping the corpses of their grandparents.

It's amazing and comical that the Republicans are still using Hillary as their deflection strategy again, for the umpteenth time. Next, it will be Obama's fault, too. I'm just waiting to hear that. It's really getting old using Hillary and Obama as the scapegoats whenever the Republicans can't defend their point of view. Just stop it already.

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