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Groot Nurses Save The Galaxy Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Groot Nurses Save The Galaxy Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


It’s a free country they can do whatever they want. And I may watch and laugh about it even if I’m on the other side. But if a Conservative makes similar to this and makes fun of the SJW and ANTIFA you will lose your Job or the show will get canceled. And all the Groot Nurses Save The Galaxy Shirt news media will smear you right away including BBC. Way to go cancels culture. As a former member of the Youth Parliament, it really is embarrassing to see politics in the state it is in today. We all know they can't make everyone happy. It's all about trying to make the pressures of the most vulnerable as small as possible. Making a future where everyone can prosper.

Where everyone gets the same opportunities regardless of background. Equality before inequality always. Value our young. As they are our future. Apart from the anti-Brexit bias that it has been pumping out or supporting.

You can see the official design here: Groot Nurses Save The Galaxy Shirt

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