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My Favorite People Call Me Oma Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! My Favorite People Call Me Oma Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


He forced many families to bury their loved ones, including his wife, at this so-called heroes acre knowing very well he won’t join them there. He destroyed many people’s lives and took the My Favorite People Call Me Oma Shirt with him to his grave. We as a nation will pick up the pieces and move on with our lives. Let them bury their goblin in their rural home. He must rest in hell if ever there is such a thing there. Hopefully, science/medicine will learn from this experience and design new procedures to lessen rejection. She helped science in undergoing the transplant. I deal with facial skin grafts every day some days are good some not but I keep trying.

I feel wicked bad that we have a President that treats refugee children at our Mexican border less than he treats Russians who actually attacked us. But I guess because it helped him win the election he is beholding. Do you really have to be a Harvard Lawyer to know this.

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