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Made In 75 45 Years Of Awesomeness Shirt

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This unusual astronomical existence reminds me of science fiction, Solaris. Solaris is a planet in a binary star system, which usually is supposed to have a highly unstable orbit. But Solaris has the ability to use its ocean to control its magnetic and/or gravitational fields to stabilize its orbit and endures in this extreme astronomical situation of being with two stars. The scientist's model is based on human understanding to date. The Made In 75 45 Years Of Awesomeness Shirt that this planet defies their model predictions only shows their model needs tweaking. And that there is a factor, or maybe more than one, that is missing from the model.

David Wilson science is always peer-reviewed, a number of people will check this is right. So unless you're suggesting every scientist is wrong or that every scientist is in on some conspiracy, I'm going to guess these guys got it right. I am curious about what you have against scientists though.

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