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Made In 80 40 Years Of Awesomeness Shirt

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This love is to defy God and love your neighbor, which the world leaders seem to be endorsing, just as they are endorsing global warming, without any questions asked. The love that the world normally knows of is the one that is taught by God i.e. to love Him first & then the Made In 80 40 Years Of Awesomeness Shirt neighbor as well. People think you're regressive and backward-looking when you challenge a culture eager to take offense that conflates words it finds objectionable with actual harm. But there's no future in this approach, real rational progress never came out of suppressing speech. At one time when jealousy raised its ugly head, it was with nasty comments like she's not all that she wears a padded bra.

You don't know where they've been, what they've been through to keep their relationship going. Through thick and thin, they once swore each other and they are intent on keeping their words. So yes, their love is beautiful and should exist. I think this gives a strange definition of love.

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