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Je Me Suis Electrocuite Shirt 

ANNOUNCE!!! Je Me Suis Electrocuite Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


As much as we would like to host/help as many Venezuelans, it is not possible in the long term. We all have our own problems in the economy, safety, education, health care, then having to take care of extra almost 1 million extra people. Argentinians love their Venezuelan exiles. While immigrants from Bolivia and Paraguay collect unemployment and block streets demanding higher subsidies, Venezuelan immigrants start working the Je Me Suis Electrocuite Shirt they arrive, as valued employees or entrepreneurs. They alert Argentinians of the slippery slope they're approaching when they vote populist politicians, but unfortunately, it seems as after the next elections Argentina will become the new Venezuela.

We need to be honest, unlike legal immigrants who are trying to build lives and contribute to a society they admire, refugees are people who bailed out on their loved ones selfishly and abandoned their country in its time of greatest need. They didn't fight to make things better. So what do they bring to the table of other countries where they arrive.

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