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Megadeth Metallica Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! Megadeth Metallica Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.

The young are bleeding from somewhere on the face. This is Hong Kong today. A tear gas bullet like a small rocket, a rubber bullet like a bug with a hard shell, a water truck that blows blue water, a stun gun that makes a voice like a little monster, a black baton for unrelenting down, Hong Kong has There is only it. That is the only word of the Megadeth Metallica Shirt government and the kings of the Communist Party in Beijing. It is a crime in Hong Kong for people to seek democracy and human rights.

Beijing Communist Party kings and the Hong Kong government believe in money and violence. What the young protesters believe is the faces of lovers, friends, and relatives. That's the only treasure in the hearts of protesters. They are rarely found in the world.

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