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Peace love Mermaids Shirt

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For goodness sake let loose people that were high school have we all not done something at that age and time give me a break there are other things more regrettable and much more serious to discuss with upcoming elections let's get real here.  Let's see, the Democrats were crucifying Judge Cavenaugh for the Peace love Mermaids Shirt thing. Reading these posts on here, I can tell the liberals have already cast a blind eye to it and are ready to sweep it under the rug. A bunch of Hypocrites. Yes, he does. And sadly, that's all it takes for a liberal to satisfy and or pacify his blind faithful supporters and or admirers as many of the comments here clearly attest to.

I'm old and am so glad I won't be around much longer to see the demise of the human race. I keep hoping we will have a turnaround but with stories like this I keep losing any hope. That's weird. Why film such a ghastly act. Let alone not stopping him.

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