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San Francisco Baseball 2020 Shirt

ANNOUNCE!!! San Francisco Baseball 2020 Shirt is now available at Kingteeshirt.


So I have to say as a liberal that if any conservative politician had done this, we would have torn them to shreds but since it’s Trudeau who a lot of us have favored, I’m seeing a lot of people suddenly saying well nobody’s perfect. We’ve all made the San Francisco Baseball 2020 Shirt. No. There is no excuse for that. And I don’t particularly give much credit to apologies that only come after they’ve been caught and ridiculed for it. Could he have done worse things? Sure. But this is still outrageous. Michael Ciaccio Agrees with that too.

But we have had people in cages for ages, under both sides of the government and Congress refuses to do anything about immigration. It's all a game to them. And it's people's lives. So please tell me how the Democrats or the Republicans are helping with immigration. I would love to hear it.

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