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The Smiths Merch Shirt

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This is a complete failure of our government. Frightening and worrisome! We are no longer protected or safe as people or as a country. There is no longer a clear line between right and wrong in this country. There is no morality left. That is why after seeing the The Smiths Merch Shirt House hearings, and after really studying all that is going on with Trump, his administration, the DOJ, the Republicans in Congress, the GOP, the Courts, it appears that our entire government system is so corrupt, so far gone, that there is a good chance of it never coming back. The younger candidates and the Progressives may have the answers after all.

She clearly wouldn't be able to fully understand the contents of the report from professional scientists. She rightfully defaulted to them instead of grandstanding. She knows what's she's been told but she's also leaving behind the possibility for exploring critical viewpoints that contradict her own.

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